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Stars of the Year Awards Found Their Owners

One of the most prestigious events in Turkey, the 'Stars of the Year Award Ceremony' was held with the successful presentation of Enes Furkan Bilgiçli and Esin Yum.

Parade of Stars

Lara, who was highly appreciated with her voice and stage, was named the best female singer of the year in the field of pop music. Iranian famous volleyball player Mehdi Karimi, the husband of the singer Lara, who sang her popular songs, was also awarded the sportsman of the year award.

Singer Tuğba Ekinci, who has recently attracted attention with her social media outlets, has also received great acclaim with her new clip song Kahpe Kader.

While the singer Esra Özmen, who is popular with her strong voice in the field of fantasy music, was deemed worthy of the award, Kafadar, the most listened group of recent times, was among those crowned with an award at the ceremony.

Enes Furkan Bilgiçli's signature and presentation at the night, the successful television presenter Esin Yum accompanied Bilgiçli on stage as a partner.

Pelin Suade, Ecem Gül and Buse Ilgaz, the popular singer and model Pelin Suade, were the red carpet presenters of the magnificent ceremony. At the night hosted by Neccla Istanbul, the pleasant venue of the Anatolian side, the guests who attended the ceremony had a pleasant night where entertainment and music were together.

Tuğba Ekinci, Lara, Esra Özmen, Klass Magazin Muammer Kapucuoğlu, Banu Zorlu, Begüm Polat, Fatih Bulut, Rabia Tunçbilek, Haberler com, Mehmet Ali İnci, Altay Gümüş, Güneş Holding, Ali Buga, Nebibe İmamoğlu, Best Life, Bonna Vie, Resul Kesek, Mert Can Erdoğan, Nataliia Horytska, Kafadar, Pars Medya Oğuz Ünal Kalafat, Kurban Akar, Şennik Turizm were among the names that received awards at the night. The night turned into a star parade and witnessed unforgettable memories.

The leading names of the sector who came together on this special night were honoured with awards bearing the signature of Enes Furkan Bilgiçli. The night passed in a friendly and warm atmosphere where successful names were crowned with valuable awards. While the friendships between the participants were strengthened, the moments full of enthusiasm throughout the night became an unforgettable event. The Stars of the Year Award Ceremony continues to bring together special names and honour those who stand out with their struggles and achievements."

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